Are you giving in to the desires of the flesh? - Pentecost 2018 B

Published on Friday, 18 May 2018 09:29
Written by Chikezie Onuoha MSP

Friends, this day we celebrate the Pentecost, the Church's birthday. The Spirit of God fills the whole world and renews the face of the earth. On April 19, the modern state of Israel celebrated 70 years according to the Jewish calendar. It is a big event and a great reason to celebrate Israel as a nation. Jerusalem is at the center of the news reports these days as it was on Pentecost. The Spirit of the Lord fills the whole earth. The Spirit is life giver to everybody and everything. It is easy to forget God in everything that happens in our world today and consider everything from the perspective of a secular society. But a world that does not count anymore on the spiritual aspect of life risks losing its soul and goal. Without the spirit, God is far away. Through the Spirit, our human actions in liturgy and preaching become divine. The Father has promised to send His Spirit (Acts 1: 1-14). Behold, I will let my spirit come into you, that you may be alive again. In Joel's book we hear, "I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh ..." (2:28). When Jesus ascended into heaven before the disciples, they returned to Jerusalem to wait for the promise. Together with the Lord's mother they waited in prayer for the Spirit, the promised gift of the Father (Acts 1: 4-14). On Pentecost, God fulfilled his promise to pour out his spirit upon those who believe.

Last Thursday I watched a program in the Al Jazeera news stream in which the participants claimed that although Pope Francis wants to reform the Catholic Church, he has not been able to change the Church's teachings on abortion, contraceptive, homosexuality and the other Catholic ethical and morals that modern society criticizes. It was almost like saying why has the pope not banished religion and declared God dead. The only ethics accepted to these liberal media authorities is that sanctioned by secular and atheistic world. In today's age, almost all major news media have taken a normative relativist position that normalizes immoral life that violates faith in God and personal belief in Jesus Christ. The freedom of the individual is proclaimed as the only thing worth living for in the world. People give in to all kinds of desires of the flesh. God has no longer any role in ethics and morality. People in our time tend to think that “salvation depends on the strength of the individual or on purely human structures, which are incapable of welcoming the newness of the Spirit of God.”It is a contemporary way of life that puts forward a model of salvation that is merely interior, closed off in its own subjectivism. This is why true Christians must insist on what is Christian Salvation. These have become trends and tendencies in contemporary culture and intellectual life. This was the challenge that the Vatican Document Placuit Deo tried to address.

Recently, the Vatican published a 15-page Document: Money must serve, not rule- the title- ‘Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones: Considerations for an Ethical Discernment regarding Some Aspects of the Present Economic-Financial System”

The new document warns: "Selfishness will make everyone pay a high price ", if we want" the true well-being of humankind, money must serve, not rule. "Each economic system is legitimate if it is not only beneficial to the quantitative development of exchange but rather of its ability to promote the development of the entire person and every person ". All endeavours should be geared towards leading us to reach our Creator's purpose for our lives. The whole effort of life has the purpose of leading us to freedom so that we can say," I am free "(Ani Chofshi). Unfortunately, many in Christians in society who proclaim, "Ani Chofshi-I'm free!”, believe that they live in an eternal state of grace covering every sin they commit without consequences...